Maree’s Journey from UK to Perth, Australia

Maree’s Journey from UK to Perth, Australia

In 2018, Maree took a bold leap—she quit her full-time job in education, went back to college, and studied Paramedic Science. But her dream of moving to Perth, Australia, has been alive for over 30 years!

Join us as we dive into Maree’s inspiring story of securing her dream job.

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in Paramedics?

A: I've always wanted to help people and that service ethos is embedded in my whole family. I come from quite a large Irish family and we all work in healthcare, law or education. But for me specifically, I’m interested in the human body and how it works and I’m interested in patient care. Helping people and putting patients at the centre of everything I do was the main reason why I wanted to go into it.

It's incredibly rewarding to wear a Paramedics uniform and know what it represents when a patient is in need of care. It instantly communicates that we’re here to help, so you’re safe. This has stuck with me and the uniform carries a lot with it.


Q: Why did you decide to move to Perth?

A: I visited Perth about 30 years ago, as I have two sisters that live there. One sister has lived there for about 35 years and my twin sister has lived there for about 15 years and works as a registered nurse. So the drive to move to Australia was always there. My two sons have now grown-up and are well-adjusted functional individuals. I thought it was kind of my time now, so I wanted to make this career goal a reality.  


Q: How did you learn about Medacs Healthcare?

A: I have colleagues that work for Medacs Healthcare and it’s a well-established brand in the UK. As a company, Medacs Healthcare has a good reputation for employing healthcare professionals, so that’s why I kind of knew about it. I completed an online application form for another job and a recruiter picked up my application and reached out to me. From there, my journey with Medacs Healthcare started.

Q: How did Medacs Healthcare support you?

A: I think for me it’s been the consistent communication and telephone calls. My Australian-based recruiter was very flexible to work around the UK time zone. It’s been reassuring to have someone to talk to. Medacs are the experts in what they’re doing and they’ve assisted others on this journey to find work, so accessing that experience has been essential for me. 

I asked many questions throughout the relocation process and the team has provided me with guidance and confidence to do well when interviewing. They’ve shared the experiences of other candidates that have travelled this road prior to me and what to expect as a result.  They have been up-front with feedback and their advice has helped me understand next steps or actions to come. Whilst it’s important to do your own research, it’s been reassuring to have someone local to talk to. 

Applying for a job and walking in as an interviewee can feel daunting. However, having Medacs there felt like I had somebody independently in the room for me and already advocating for me. The regular communication I’ve had with the team has always been friendly, approachable and kind. Kindness goes a long way so working with people who have a similar ethos to me was important. 


Q: What advice would I give to others wanting to move overseas?

A: I would say set realistic goals and use timeframes to realise those goals. It’s not an overnight process, it’s a marathon. Secondly, do lots of research and be prepared. That would be the best advice I would give. During the preparation process, be task focused. Just like winning a tournament, don’t start by looking at the end goal, instead look at all the small jobs that need to be done every day first and that way you will succeed.

Furthermore, listen and be open to take the advice from the amazing Medacs team. They are very supportive and little moments along the journey to relocate have been encouraging, for example when my recruiter texted me to update me on my application as it was a lengthy process and he wanted to check if everything was going well which lifted me. I felt that Medacs were flying the flag for me and equally wanting me to achieve my dream of moving to Perth and becoming a Paramedic there. It’s at the heart of what they do and it was obvious they were sincere and genuine, I really felt that. 


Q: What are you most looking forward to once you arrive in Perth?

A: I really love the multi-cultural aspect of Perth and it is outdoor oriented and health focused. I am looking forward to embracing the Aussie way of life and to experiencing the richness and diversity of Perth and everything the Aussie culture brings with it.


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